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Corporate Reflexology

“A healthy workplace will bring employers and employees improved productivity, lower rates of sickness absence and less illness.”

-(NHS White Paper)

Approximately 360 million working days are lost annually in the UK at a cost of £8 billion, and over half of these absences are ‘stress related’. Work related stress is the largest occupational health problem in the UK today. Excessive stress, especially long term, can have a detrimental impact on health, causing physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive problems. It is believed that up to 75 % of illnesses are caused by stress.

As an employer, you are expected to take active steps to safeguard the mental wellbeing of your workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of uncertainty and left many people feeling anxious and stressed. Having an effective wellbeing system in place means fewer staff absences and increased productivity. I am also trained in Reflexology for Menopause and many women suffering form menopausal symptoms find reflexology helps to restore hormonal balance and relieve symptoms. I offer a mobile reflexology service to businesses of all kinds, providing a bespoke, highly enjoyable personalised treatment that boosts the wellbeing of your employees.

In Denmark, reflexology has been practiced in the workplace since the 1990s due to its extremely positive impact on employee retention, productivity, and reducing absences. One study at a town council in Denmark demonstrated that reflexology in the workplace resulted in monthly savings due to sick leave dropping by 65.9%. At the same time they also reported increased employee satisfaction in their jobs, increased well-being and increased work effort.

My reflexology service is a wonderful way to help your employees Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate and promote employee wellbeing, leading to a better working environment for all. Both reflexology and Indian head massage are non invasive and can be given whilst the client is fully dressed. Each company chooses its own level of involvement. In some businesses, each employee is responsible for the cost of their own treatments, other companies choose to pay for or subsidise the treatments for their staff. 

Pricing for corporate reflexology sessions is adapted in accordance with your particular organisation’s needs. Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

If you are interested in reflexology in Altrincham and surrounding area, please get in touch.

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If you would like to book an appointment or know more about the treatments I offer please call me on 07956 044337 or send a message and I will respond soonest.

I am based in Altrincham, South Manchester and I also offer mobile reflexology in Altrincham and surrounding area. My mobile service is offered to both individuals in their own homes as well as employees at their workplace.

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